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October 3, 2018
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How to check if you are a filer with FBR

FBR has introduced different ways to check the filer status of the taxpayers both for direct taxes and indirect taxes. This article will help you understand on how to check if you are a filer with FBR.

The following links/ details/ explanations will help you in order to get information on your filer status.

It is pertinent to mention here that you can choose the methods of, checking your filer status with FBR, at your ease and convenience.

Checking your filer status by sending SMS at 9966

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced new mobile SMS service, which can be availed through number “9966”, for verification of taxpayers’ status on Active Taxpayers List for determining filer/non-filer. In this regard, the FBR has written a letter to the Director General Post Office here on Tuesday.

Verification of taxpayers’ status: New SMS service for verification introduced

FBR has recently introduced an SMS service for taxpayers to verify their tax filer status for Active Taxpayers’ Status List (ATL). This will eliminate any difficulties faced by taxpayers in the past.

You don’t need any internet connection or computer to verify by this means.

How to check if you are a filer with FBR using SMS?

You can verify the your filer status with FBR by simply typing “ATL space thirteen (13) digit CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) Number and sending it to 9966 from your mobile phone.

“ATL space 13 digit CNIC No”

This new facility can be used to view filer/ non filer status from the active taxpayers list of FBR which is updated on every Monday.

This service has started in addition to the ATL list already made available on FBR website.

Online Verification of Filer Status in Active Taxpayers List (ATL)

Apart from verification of filer status through sms, FBR has also made the Active Taxpayers Status online where you only provide with your registration number, National Tax Number or Computerized National Identity Card Number, whichever applicable. You also have to give the date of being a filer, it can also be a past date to check your filer status in the past, and CAPTCHA code. Click the link below to verify your filer status:


Active Taxpayers List (Excel File)

Download the Active Taxpayers List in MS Excel format.


Active Taxpayers List (ATL) – Sales Tax


Online NTN/STRN Inquiry – e-FBR

For online NTN/STRN Enquiry use the following link:


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