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What is Psychometric Testing

What is Psychometric Testing?

What is Psychometric Testing? Psychometric tools are instruments that attempt to provide objective measures of a wide range of human behaviors including: abilities, aptitudes, personality, motivation, work style, occupational interests etc.

Proper use of psychometric tools can reduce hiring and staffing costs and improve organizational effectiveness. Use of psychometric tools in HRD is becoming more popular as employers seek a more objective means of selecting and developing their people.

Free Aptitude Test Samples

A huge variety of instruments is available, therefore it is a challenge for HR professionals to know which instrument to use and for what purpose.

The aim of this workshop is to give the participants a clear and coherent picture of the range of tools that are available, their application in HRD, as well as their likely benefits.

Free Personality Test Sample

Psychometric Test in Pakistan

Waheed Ensari
Waheed Ensari
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