Advisory for Financial Services

Our firm provide provides advisory for financial services making business easier for them.

Actuarial Valuations and Services

In Pakistan there is a growing trend of companies towards Provident Fund and benefits to employees on retirement. Our Consultants offer Actuarial Valuation services for companies so that they can present the best possible estimate of the obligations towards it’s employees.

Our Consultancy wing is well versed with the implications of IAS 19 Employee Benefits and how the actuarial valuations should be accounted for. Our Clients should rest assured that the best possible estimate is reflected in the Financial Statements.

Risk Management Services

Countries especially the developing Countries face a multitude of risks this is where our Consultancy wing offers you:

  • Up to date Market risk Analysis
  • Credit risk Ratings and Analysis
  • Corporate treasury Services
  • Anti-money laundering guidelines
  • Corporate governance implications
  • Current Regulatory risk that affects the client
  • Mitigating the Operational risk

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