Application for Recognition of Provident Fund

An application for recognition of a provident fund shall be made, in writing, by the employer maintaining the fund, setting out the following information, namely:-

  1. the employer’s name and the address of the employer’s principal place of business;
  2. the name of all employees, whether in or outside Pakistan subscribing to the fund;
  3. the place where the accounts of the fund are or will be maintained; and
  4. where the fund is already in existence, a copy of the last balance sheet of the fund and details of the investments of the fund.

A verification in the following form shall be annexed to the application, namely:-

“We/ I, the trustee(s) of the above named fund, do declare that what is stated in the above application is true to the best of our/my information and belief, and that the documents sent herewith are the originals or true copies thereof.”

Subject to sub-rule (4), the application shall be accompanied by the following documents, namely:-

  1. the original of trust deed to be sighted by the Commissioner;
  2. a copy of the trust deed to be retained by the Commissioner; and
  3. the rules of the fund.

Provided that if the original of the trust deed cannot conveniently be produced, the Commissioner may accept, in lieu of the original, a true copy certified either by a Magistrate or in any manner provided for in the Companies Rules, 1984, in which case, an additional copy shall be furnished for retention by the Commissioner.

The application shall be lodged with the Commissioner responsible for the area/ jurisdiction in which the accounts of the fund are kept, or, if the accounts are kept outside Pakistan, lodged with the Commissioner responsible for the area/ jurisdiction in which the local headquarters for the employer are situated.

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