External Audit

We design a customized external audit plan that concentrates on the business areas significant to your financial statements and that are critical to your risk profile. We create value that makes a real difference to our client’s business. Quality audits that bring unexpected and far-reaching benefits do not come from an unthinking compliance mindset but from a knowledgeable, questioning, imaginative and insightful approach.

The result is not only an efficient audit – it is also one that we believe will be effective. Our early identification of business and control vulnerabilities and opportunities makes it possible for us to focus our audit effort on those areas of greatest risk. Our view of our clients’ organizations is broad and deep, and we look behind the numbers to consider what they mean for the business as a whole. We use the audit to explore and think more widely about our clients’ businesses and the potential issues they face. This understanding enables us to offer new solutions to our clients’ problems, to help them learn from what has happened and prepare them for, or better still help them avoid, issues in the future

The important features of our external audit approach include:

  • Audit methodology and documentation approach: our methodology, approach and knowledge and technology tools enable our professionals to deliver a consistent, high-quality audit.
  • Excellence in audit execution: to train our teams to appropriately apply our audit methodology and tools, we have developed an intensive client-by-client training approach that we call “Audit Quality”.
  • Commitment to quality and controls: the responsibility for the quality of our audits rests with each of our audit partners and every member of our client teams. Their personal commitment to compliance with the highest professional ethics, standards and our firm’s quality controls is the foundation of our commitment to professional excellence.

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