Peshawar Tax Academy

Peshawar Tax Academy offers a structured Tax Training Courses for tax professionals to attain a high level of competency in Taxes in Peshawar and other cities in Pakistan.

The training contains 3 levels to complete. Expected outcomes after completing the program:

Level 1 : Basics of Tax

Students will achieve a good appreciation of basic tax principles and tax laws, and be able to apply these principles in daily tax tasks in the industry or running their own tax practice/ tax advisory.

Program Overview

  • Individual Income Tax
  • Provide a firm foundation in income tax principles
  • Income tax Ordinance, 2001 and case laws
  • Provide a basic knowledge of tax law application and practice
  • Introduction to income tax law
  • Constitutional right of tax payer
  • Computation of taxable income under the head
    • Salary
    • Business
    • Property
    • Capital gain, and
    • Other sources

Recommended Years of Experience in Tax: 0 year

Level 2 : Advance Tax

Students will achieve in-depth appreciation of advance tax principles and tax laws, and be able to apply the knowledge on their job/ tax practice / tax advisory.

Program Overview

  • Business and Corporate Tax
  • Provide in-depth treatment of concepts on taxation, deduction and allowances relating to salaried individuals, sole-proprietor-ships, partnerships and companies
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and case laws
  • Provide an introduction to the General Sales Tax and provincial taxes
  • Understanding of other important provision of the law including but not limited to
    • Advance tax u/s 147
    • Unexplained investment u/s 111
    • Minimum, Corporate & Alternate Corporate
  • Withholding tax matters
    • Section wise understanding
    • Transaction wise rates, exemption and clarification
    • Section wise principles for adjustment of tax
    • Right & duties of withholding agent

Recommended Years of Experience in Tax: 6 months to 1 year

Level 3 : Tax Expert

Students will achieve a high level of understanding in tax and be able to work independently on tax planning and tax advisory matters through informed application of tax laws and regulations.

Program Overview

  • Advanced Tax Program
  • Provide rigorous training on wide range of core subjects covering Tax Policy, Legal Framework, Individual and Corporate Income Tax, Tax Treaties
  • Broaden knowledge through elective modules in Regional Tax, Tax Incentives, Tax Fraud and Investigation
  • Suited for candidates seeking a specialist career in tax advisory
  • Income Tax return & withholding statements
  • Preparation & submission of income tax return
  • Preparation & submission of withholding statements
  • Handling departmental notices
  • Techniques to handle departmental audit (withholding &other)
  • Assessment
    • Original assessment u/s 120
    • Best judgment assessment u/s 121
    • Amendment of assessment u/s 122
  • Provincial assessment u/s 122c
  • Practical procedure involve in claiming refunds
  • Transaction between associations
  • Basic understanding of deferred taxation
  • Appeal procedure
  • Default surcharge penalties & prosecution
  • Ways to tax plan & Tax saving opportunity
  • All above with practical examples & case studies and superior courts judgment

Recommended Years of Experience in Tax: More than 1 year

Other Courses

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