Advance Excel Training

Advance Excel Training

1 Day Course

I.        References

a)     References (Relative, Absolute, Mixed)

b)    Naming Rules & Uses

II.        Useful Functions

a)     Multi Conditional Sum, Average, Count

b)    SutTotal

c)     Aggregate

d)    Lookups (VLookUp, Index, Match)

III.        Data Analysis

a)     Sorting (by Characters, by Color, Custom List)

b)    Filtering (incl. Advance Filtering)

c)     Conditional Formatting

IV.        Creating Reports

a)     Sub-Total Reports

b)    Data Table (One & Two Variables)

c)     Solver

V.        Improve Visualization of Data

a)     Pivot Tables  (Basics, Filtering, Options, Grouping, Slicer, Calculated Item, Calculated Field, Embed Multiple Tables, Connections, Charts)

VI.        Facilitating & Restricting Users

a)     Data Validation (incl. Depended Lists)

b)    Controls (Combo Box, List Box, Check Box, Option Button, Spin Button, Scroll Bar)

VII.        Miscellaneous

a)     Tips & Tricks

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