Creating Your Personal Brand

Course details

Your personal brand is your reputation and legacy. A strong personal brand can lead to job and career opportunities. A weak personal brand leaves you liable to be passed by so we are offering training on Creating your Personal Brand in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

In this course, our personal branding expert helps you identify what your personal brand is now and align it with the brand you want for yourself in the future.

In the process, our expert helps you target the individuals or groups who have the opportunities you seek, strategize the marketing for your brand, and identify who you need to know and where to find them.

We also help you figure out how to portray your personal brand on social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Plus, learn how to craft an elevator pitch for your personal brand so you can make a good impression even on short notice.

Course outline


Personal Branding

  • Creating your brand
  • Creating career opportunities
  • Building influence

Creating Your Brand

  • Defining your current brand
  • Creating your desired brand
  • Identifying your target audience

Marketing and Positioning Your Brand

  • Creating a strategy
  • Networking your personal brand
  • Managing your online reputation
  • Conveying authenticity
  • Creating a perfect elevator pitch


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