You love what you do. That's why you've started a business focusing on your strength and passion. You can't master every craft though, and that's how we help countless businesses just like you. From setting up an office to marketing campaigns, our team strengthens your business. We're the edge you've been searching for.

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Business Services Consortium assists businesses by leveraging over 50+ years of collective team experience and utilize that experience to help business owners become more profitable, stress-free, and stay in business. When we work together, we can deliver more diversely. This is the essence of Professional Services, and the value we offer to you.

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Your problem is our problem, and we make sure the pace of work is fast and creative making it easier to understand and finally implement for un-paralleled results. We apply modern techniques and latest technology with conceptualized idea and developed into a professional facilitator for Business ventures, providing integrated solutions in a Market with emerging diverse opportunities.

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Saving you the hassle of choosing different vendors when you can get all your corporate needs from one place. Dedicated to the success of businesses in the region, our professionals are meticulous and experienced to help you succeed. Our dedicated Professionals specialize in workforce development and provide a knowledgeable single point of contact for all of your needs.

Every service you need, in one Location.

What constitutes success? Just like Benjamin Franklin believed, at BSC, we believe that success is directly associated with focused mind towards business and investments.

That's why we invest the proper resources to infuse proactive planning, lessons learned, and sound methodology that makes the difference between success and failure.

I founded this company with an idea to provide connected business solutions originated from one place as our clients can focus on their businesses and less on business ancillaries. So no matter how complex your mission, you can rely on our strategic commitment to achieve results with a trusted partner that cares.

I invite you to experience success. I invite you to experience convenience.



BERGER Paints Pakistan Ltd

Associated with paint manufacturing for almost 200 years. Berger is an instantly recognized name worldwide. Berger Jenson & Nicholson acquired British Paints in 1969 and as a result of this acquisition the Berger Group, Berger Jenson & Nicholson was formed. In the years prior to this merger, other mergers had brought together Lewis Berger & Sons, with John Hall and Jenson & Nicholson. All these four organizations contributed their various expertise in the areas that they were strong in to the group that had been created.


A complete business solution provider with time delivery of products and services. They have been our regular suppliers of IT equipment, Wireless Networking and other professional services for 9 years now. Our Company is satisfied with the products' quality and their after sales services. We look forward to continue our business relations in future as well.

Ata ur Rehman | Sr. Manager
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