Consulting for Existing Schools

Delivering Outcomes, With Certainty

We understand the compulsion of existing schools in terms of finances and resource person availability.  There are schools which are victims of their brand positioning, some schools wants to increase the capacity and some want to improve the results this is where we come handy with our experts and education industry experience. To address these issues we offer Consulting for Existing Schools in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The requirement may be different but once a school comes under the umbrella of BeSpoke Consulting, we do not just work to cater the requirement but constantly push to the school to be an ideal school or what we call as Front Runner Schools. We are exclusive school consultant organisation to restructure existing schools &  rebranding of existing schools.

Consulting for Existing Schools

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Designing of Media & Outdoor Publicity, Training of Admission team, Formulation of Marketing Strategy

Affiliation Advisory Services

Review work, Online Application, Documentation, Training, Coordinating with Inspection committee

Quality Audits

Academic, Finance & Requirement Audit, Student Assessment, Performance monitoring & management.

Other services

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