VAT Implementation

At VAT corner we have designed VAT Implementation for your organization:

Knowing and understanding your business model

Our VAT local and international VAT experts sit with you and understand your business model to make a detailed plan on VAT Implementation as per the regulations and your business.

Getting VAT Implemented?/ Registration for VAT

• Compiling Documents required for VAT registration and complete procedural formalities
• Guiding through the VAT Registration process
• VAT Impact Analysis: We study how VAT will impact your business, profitability, administration, human resources and operations.
• Training the staff on the requirements of VAT
• Ensuring the revised invoicing and accounting requirements are met by the systems
• General advice and constant updates on VAT requirements in UAE

How we do it?

We are all about ease and convenience in handling Value Added Tax effective with proven strategy, best practices, proven methodologies, qualified and experienced personnel, and a highly responsive approach in managing deliverables. Following is VAT Implementation road map: –

VAT Implementation Roadmap/ VAT Transaction Process

• Compiling Documents for Registration
• Registration for VAT
• Getting the VAT Accountable from your team
• Assessing how VAT will impact your accounting procedures
• Staff Training
• Advising on Changes in invoicing for VAT transactions
• Giving inputs for Software modification
• General advice on VAT and updates
• Tax matters
• Filing of returns