Tax and Corporate Manager Training

This Tax and Corporate Manager Training is especially designed for professionals to equip them with essential techniques, knowledge bites, exposure to practical scenarios, understanding relevant laws and much more.

The aim of this tax and corporate training for managers, corporate employees, Lawyers, Tax Consultants and others involved directly or indirectly in taxation matters to understand on how to handle with confidence their tax matters in a professional way.

Tax and Corporate Manager Training

The broad topics include scope of taxation laws, strategic tax planning, manual and electronic preparation and submission of returns/statements, e-filing procedures, maintenance of records, computation of taxable amounts, handling notices, audit, assessment & appeals and other day to day issues relevant to income tax, sales tax and corporate matters.

Key takeaways of Tax and Corporate Manager Training

  • To provide in-depth knowledge of updated Income Tax & Sales Tax Laws
  • To provide requisite knowledge of the Companies Act, 2017 for handling day to day matters of a company
  • To enlighten all major aspects of respective tax statutes and develop skills for making strategic tax planning
  • To deliver comprehensive knowledge of the statues through hands-on-training, practical examples and case studies
  • To develop reasonable practical skills for maintenance of records in accordance with the provisions of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise and Corporate Laws
  • To give confidence in handling day to day matters involved in Taxation like; manual and electronic preparation and submission of returns/statements, calculation of taxable figures, handling with notices, audit, assessment and appeals
  • To enable the participants to handle day to day tax matters of their own business, employer, clients etc. in a professional way.

Training Outline Income Tax

  • Introduction to income tax law
  • Constitutional right of tax payer
  • Computation of taxable income under the head
    • Salary
    • Business
    • Property
    • Capital gain, and
    • Other sources
    • Presumptive tax regime
  • Understanding of other important provision of the law including but not limited to
    • Advance tax u/s 147
    • Unexplained investment u/s 111
    • Minimum, Corporate & Alternate Corporate
    • Tax u/s 113 &113C
  • Withholding tax matters
    • Section wise understanding
    • Transaction wise rates, exemption and clarification
    • Section wise principles for adjustment of tax
    • Right & duties of withholding agent
    • Withholding Tax in the eyes of superior courts
  • Income Tax return & withholding statements
    • Preparation & submission of income tax return
    • Preparation & submission of withholding statements
  • Handling departmental notices
  • Techniques to handle departmental audit (withholding &other)
  • Assessment
    • Original assessment u/s 120
    • Best judgment assessment u/s 121
    • Amendment of assessment u/s 122
    • Provincial assessment u/s 122c
  • Practical procedure involve in claiming refunds
  • Transaction between associations
  • Basic understanding of deferred taxation
  • Appeal procedure
  • Default surcharge penalties & prosecution
  • Ways to tax plan & Tax saving opportunity
  • All above with practical examples & case studies and superior courts judgment

The Tax and Corporate Manager Training is a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge enabling professionals to embrace the best industry practices in corporate world.

Training Outline Sales Tax Law and Practice

  • Constitutional validity and Introduction to Federal & Provincial sales tax laws
  • VAT mechanism
  • Scope of tax on goods
    • Taxability
    • Registration requirements and determination of tax liability for Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Retailer and Exporter etc)
    • Concept of Extra Tax, Further Tax & Retail Price items with practical examples
  • Scope of Tax on services
    • Taxability & Taxable services under all the provincial Laws
    • Person liable to pay tax and concept of reverse charge with practical examples
  • Withholding taxes under Federal and Provincial Laws
  • Adjustment of Input tax Federal against Provincial and vice versa
    • Which input tax is available to supplier of goods and services?
    • Dealing with reduce rate goods and services
    • Circumstances where input taxes under Federal & Provincial Sales Tax Laws are not available for adjustment
  • Sales Tax Record
    • Understanding of sales tax record
    • Specimens of sales tax invoice, purchase/sale/stock registers, debit/credit notes and other record
    • Preparation of all records using MS Excel
  • Requirements and Procedure for Sales Tax Registration under Federal and Provincial Laws
  • Handling departmental proceedings under Sales Tax Laws
  • Sales Tax Returns under Federal and Provincial Sales Tax Laws. Manual calculation and online feeding of sales tax returns of Commercial Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Retailer, Exporter and Service Provider
  • All above with practical examples, case studies and superior courts’ judgments including Budget and notifications updates

Corporate Law & Other

  • Corporate Law

    • Company’s Incorporation (e filling)
    • Maintenance of records
    • SECP filing, due dates, rules
    • Preparation & submission of documents
    • Handling with other day to day matters
  • Other

    • Preparation of a partnership deed
    • Registration & De-registration of partnership
    • Registration of Trade mark and copy right

Target Audience

  • Tax Managers
  • Auditors
  • Accountants
  • Compliance Managers/Supervisors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Tax Consultants
  • Business Owners
  • Tax, Accounting , Audit, Compliance and Finance Professionals
  • People want to establish their own practice as Tax Consultant
  • People want to establish their own practice as Corporate Consultant
  • Business Executives
  • Tax Managers
  • Personnel dealing with income tax and sales tax
  • Corporate matters of an organization
  • Tax Executives
  • Internal Auditors
  • Taxpayers

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