Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training

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30 Hours Training | Twice a Week | Friday & Saturday Evening Classes | Fee PKR25,000

This Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training program comes with not only with theory and practical exercises but also highlights practical Examples, Case Studies, Questions, Interactive Sessions, Examples, tax rates with practical examples and Calculations.

Lahore Tax Academy in association with BeSpoke Consulting presents “Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training program”. We are a tax training company in Pakistan and providing tax training courses in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and all over Pakistan.

Accounting and Tax Professionals need practical tax training courses in Pakistan, ones that meet their requirements in order to perform well and serve their clients more professionally.

If you want to become an expert tax Consultant in Lahore then this Advance Tax Training is a must for you.

A good Tax Advisor is fully equipped knowledge of law, statutes, case studies, updates, changes in laws, sound understanding of tax calculations, tax compliance requirements and computations of taxable income.

Our Advanced Tax Training addresses the key issues and challenges faced by Business Entrepreneurs, CFOs, CEOs, Finance Managers, Staff accountants, senior accountants, chief accountants, accounting managers, controllers, External and Internal Auditors, Tax Consultants, Tax Practitioners, People who wish to improve their tax knowledge, Consultants other professionals in the accounting and finance functions.

Course Overview

This course comes up numerous practical case studies and in training exercises on the rules governing and operation of the taxes in Pakistan.

Participants will achieve a high level of understanding in tax and be able to work independently on tax planning and tax advisory matters through informed application of tax laws and regulations.

Course also covers Tax calculation including calculation of payable/ refundable and completion of tax returns / statements on specified frequency.

The course also introduces participants to more advanced issues which when they may have to deal with including some of the most confusing and problematic areas of tax practice and laws.

The course deals with these topics by explaining the logic and the purposes of the various rules and then progresses by using simple examples to illustrate these principles and rules.

Delegates will not only learn the correct taxation rules but they will gain practical experience through a number of worked examples, case studies and self-assessment questions.

The course will provide participants with a stimulating learning experience which is reinforced by applying practical real-life situations, which they are likely to encounter in their working environment.

Learning Objectives for Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training

  • To give confidence in handling day to day matters involved in Taxation like; manual and electronic preparation and submission of returns/statements, calculation of taxable figure in complicated cases, handling with notices, audit, assessment, and appeals.
  • The delegates will feel confident while handling routine tax matters like preparation, tax planning and electronic submission of returns and statements
  • The participants will be able to handle day to day tax matters of their own business, employer, clients etc. in a professional way
  • Different rates of taxes and discussion circulars, clarifications, explanations issued by FBR
  • Broaden knowledge through elective modules in Regional Tax, Tax Incentives, Tax Fraud and Investigation
  • Suited for candidates seeking a specialist career in tax advisory
  • To provide in-depth knowledge of updated Income Tax & Sales Tax Laws
  • To provide requisite knowledge of the Companies Act, 2017 for handling day to day matters of a company
  • To enlighten all major aspects of respective tax statutes and develop skills for making strategic tax planning
  • To deliver comprehensive knowledge of the statutes through hands-on training, practical examples and case studies

Course Outline | Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training

Certified Tax and Corporate Consultant Training in Lahore Islamabad Karachi Pakistan

Income tax: Introduction to income tax law and practices

  • Overview of Tax Compliance under Income Tax Laws
  • Requirements of E-filing and consequences for non-compliance
  • E-Enrollment of Taxpayers on Portal
  • Tax Payments Challans on E-Portal
  • How to apply refund with FBR
  • Computation of taxable income under the head
    1. Salary
    2. Business
    3. Property
    4. Capital gain and
    5. Other sources
  • Preparation & submission of income tax return (Individuals, AOPs and Companies)
  • Preparation & submission of withholding tax statements
  • Withholding tax, WHT agents and statements filing
  • Rights & duties of withholding agent Withholding Tax in the eyes of superior courts
  • Advance tax u/s 147
  • Handling departmental notices
  • Techniques to handle departmental audit (withholding & other)
  • Tax Appeals and procedure
  • Tax Assessments
  • Default surcharge penalties & prosecution

Federal and Provincial Sales Tax

  • Basic concept & mechanism in Pakistan
  • Registration and filing of monthly returns
  • Constitutional validity
  • Understanding of important terms
  • Retail price item
  • Scope of Extra & further Tax
  • Zero rations
  • Time, Manner and Mode of Payment
  • Difference between Federal and Provincial Sales tax
  • Understanding the law
  • Specimens of sales tax invoices /Purchase/ Sale stock/ register/ debit/ credit notes and other record including
  • Preparation by using MS Excel Preparation of return
  • E filling procedure Determination of sales tax liability

Corporate Laws & Other

  • Choosing the right entity
  • Registration of a company (manual & e filling)
  • Maintenance of records
  • Preparation & submission of document
  • Handling with other day to day matters
  • Preparation of Partnership deed
  • Registration & de-registration of a partnership

All above with practical examples & case studies and superior courts judgments.

Target Audience

Business Entrepreneurs, CFOs, CEOs, Finance Managers, Staff accountants, senior accountants, chief accountants, accounting managers, controllers, External and Internal Auditors, Tax Consultants, Tax Preparers, People who wish to improve their tax knowledge, Consultants other professionals in the accounting and finance functions.

Training facts

  • Handouts and all the relevant material will be given during the training Hands-on training, practical examples and case studies
  • A certificate of attendance for participants

All the modules will contain 100% practical exercises and hands on support to the participants. They will perform all the tasks in the Training and will be given assignments, case studies discussed.

The course will be interactive and includes a combination of theory and practical exercises.

The information will be presented using these training methods:

  • Presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Real Time Examples
  • Scenarios
  • Exercises
  • Discussions

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Terms of Payment :   Two (2) weeks prior to the Training

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