Income Tax Practitioner Course

BeSpoke Consulting and Training offers Income Tax Practitioner Course in Lahore Pakistan and this course offers a structured Tax Training Courses for tax professionals, tax managers, tax lawyers to attain a high level of competency in Taxes in Lahore Islamabad Pakistan. We offer tax training courses in Lahore and all over Pakistan with our expert professionals having practical experience of handling taxation issues in Pakistan.

You can choose tax training courses fitting your learning requirements and needs to your job. Your requirements or objectives to learn taxes in Pakistan can be of becoming a full-time income tax practitioner or part-time independent Tax Consultant or a accounting/ finance / tax professional working in the industry or someone wants to get to know taxes, as an entrepreneur/ business owner, of their business affairs.

Module 1 of Income Tax Practitioner Course in Lahore

Students will achieve a good appreciation of basic tax principles and tax laws, and be able to apply these principles in daily tax tasks in the industry or running their own tax practice/ tax advisory.

Program Overview

  • Individual Income Tax
  • Provide a firm foundation in income tax principles
  • Income tax Ordinance, 2001 and case laws
  • Provide a basic knowledge of tax law application and practice
  • Introduction to income tax law
  • Constitutional right of tax payer
  • Computation of taxable income under the head
    • Salary
    • Business
    • Property
    • Capital gain, and
    • Other sources

Module 2 of Income Tax Practitioner Course in Lahore | Lahore Tax Academy 

Students will achieve in-depth appreciation of advance tax principles and tax laws, and be able to apply the knowledge on their job/ tax practice / tax advisory.

Program Overview

  • Business and Corporate Tax
  • Provide in-depth treatment of concepts on taxation, deduction and allowances relating to salaried individuals, sole-proprietor-ships, partnerships and companies
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and case laws
  • Provide an introduction to the General Sales Tax and provincial taxes
  • Understanding of other important provision of the law including but not limited to
    • Advance tax u/s 147
    • Unexplained investment u/s 111
    • Minimum, Corporate & Alternate Corporate
  • Withholding tax matters
    • Section wise understanding
    • Transaction wise rates, exemption and clarification
    • Section wise principles for adjustment of tax
    • Right & duties of withholding agent

Module 3 of Income Tax Practitioner Course in Lahore

Students will achieve a high level of understanding in tax and be able to work independently on tax planning and tax advisory matters through informed application of tax laws and regulations.

Program Overview

  • Advanced Tax Program
  • Provide rigorous training on wide range of core subjects covering Tax Policy, Legal Framework, Individual and Corporate Income Tax, Tax Treaties
  • Broaden knowledge through elective modules in Regional Tax, Tax Incentives, Tax Fraud and Investigation
  • Suited for candidates seeking a specialist career in tax advisory
  • Income Tax return & withholding statements
  • Preparation & submission of income tax return
  • Preparation & submission of withholding statements
  • Handling departmental notices
  • Techniques to handle departmental audit (withholding &other)
  • Assessment
    • Original assessment u/s 120
    • Best judgment assessment u/s 121
    • Amendment of assessment u/s 122
  • Provincial assessment u/s 122c
  • Practical procedure involve in claiming refunds
  • Transaction between associations
  • Basic understanding of deferred taxation
  • Appeal procedure
  • Default surcharge penalties & prosecution
  • Ways to tax plan & Tax saving opportunity
  • All above with practical examples & case studies and superior courts judgment

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If you want to become Income Tax Practitioner this Income tax practitioner course in Lahore will lay emphasis on the practical aspects of tax applicable in Pakistan with a solid knowledge base. Typical real life case scenario/ situations are covered under the this scheme of training.

The participant will learn how to compute taxable income under the heads Salaries, Property Income, Business and Profession, Capital gains and income from other sources. Moreover, the participants can also learn how tax computation of an individual, companies, Association of Persons, Firms etc. and they will learn how to file income tax returns in cases of various taxpayers.

Process of becoming an Income Tax Practitioner

If you want to know the process on how to become Income Tax Practitioner please click here for process and templates.

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