VAT Audit Services in UAE

We offer VAT Audit Services and VAT Refund Services to our clients to end the gap between VAT record and VAT reporting. We welcome our clients with our valuable VAT Audit Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all across UAE, with flexibility and cost effectiveness. We have the team of local and international VAT Experts which handle VAT Audit Services for our clients.

Value added Tax (VAT) is one of the most significant indirect taxes that every organization encounters in the course of doing business.

In VAT compliance flow the taxable person compiles and report Value Added Tax in UAE by itself. Hence raising questions and need for an independent Auditor to review and check transactions to form an accurate view f the VAT affairs from every angle.

Our team of professionals identifies any over or under charge Value Added Tax with proper understanding and appropriate interpretation of applicable Value Added Tax Law by offering VAT audit services: –

• Audit services related to VAT submissions

• Review of the Trial Balance, general ledgers, party accounts

• Update for any new tax decree/ provisions of law

• Cross checking of figures

• Vat Accounting

VAT Audit Workflow

• Defining the audit objectives

• Scope of audit to fulfill the audit objectives

• Analysis and rational controls of raw Data provided by the client

• Verification of VAT Invoices

• Verification of VAT Returns and calculations

• Submission of final Audit Report with recommendations

fedfits of VAT Audit

• Getting personalized VAT Audit Services

• VAT audit of your company’s accounting data will secure your operations and give confidence

• Tailored approach to each company’s business model and priorities

• Proper VAT Audit prevents risk related to Tax Audit by the assessing authority i.e. Federal Tax Authority

• A complete review of company accounting transactions mitigates the risks of errors in reporting

• With VAT Audit Services you will be able to identify the purchase and sales flow, as to whether VAT (Value Added Tax) is correctly recorded in company ledger

• Controls the payment of over and under charge of Value Added Tax

• With our VAT Audit Services we identity potential VAT savings and avoiding penalties for VAT not deducted.

• Our specialized VAT Audit Services in UAE verify any double accounting and/or double payment of supplier invoices

Contact us to discuss how we can help in Auditing the VAT records for accurate compliance reporting and advising on generally adapted possibilities of VAT Audit Services for your company

Our VAT Services

  • VAT Consultancy Services
  • VAT Impact Assessment
  • VAT Training for your Staff
  • VAT Filing and compliance
  • VAT Accounting
  • VAT Implementation in UAE
  • VAT Audit
  • VAT Fraud Awareness
  • VAT Policy Manual