School Improvement Services

We offer a wide range of support for schools. This includes our School Self-Evaluation, consulting for existing schools, school improvement services and School Consultancy services.

School Self-Evaluation

Our School Self-Evaluation service is designed to help you review your school’s performance and identify areas of strengths as well as those that could be more effective. It encourages you to use evidence and data to make informed decisions about areas of school practice that need improvement.

We have developed a range of surveys that you can use to collect feedback from your school’s key stakeholder groups: parents, students and teachers. The surveys are based around a set of standards designed that help define the features of an effective school.

The standards are grouped into five key areas, or domains. Each domain contains a set of indicators which define the features of an effective school.

Once you have conducted the surveys, we will produce a report on your results that combines and compares responses from parents, students and teachers. We will then schedule a video conference or face-to-face meeting with your school leadership team. At this meeting, you can discuss the report’s findings, decide on any areas for further analysis, and identify the next steps you would like to take in your school improvement process.

In addition to the above, schools can include further questions to the three surveys relating to an issue of specific interest. This can be discussed in the initial meeting with the Consultant.

Requests for additional data analysis, after the stakeholder report has been produced and discussed with school leadership, can also be accommodated.

School Consultancy

  • school improvement planning
  • improving the quality of teaching and learning
  • teacher appraisal and development
  • student assessment and tracking
  • resourcing your school
  • engaging the school community.
  • school climate and student behaviour

Other services

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