Single Member Company Formation

We provide services for Single Member Company:

Single Member Company

Now minimum number of director required to establish a company has reduced to one director. Hence an individual can form a company and enjoy the advantage of limited liability without joining hands with anyone and without sharing profit and ownership of the corporate entity.

Through the enforcement SMC Rules, 2003 the concept of single member company was introduced in Pakistan. Before the commencement of Single Member Companies Rules, 2003, a single individual was not allowed to solely establish a business in a company form.

Sole proprietorship is ancient form of business organization. It is as old as civilization. Most of businesses around us are managed, owned and controlled by single individuals.

Our services relating to company formation are as follows:

  • Decision to choose which type of entity
  • Registration of company Name and or brand name
  • Formation of company Name and or brand name
  • Drafting agreements
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration
  • A fully functional e-commerce website
  • Legal opinions and Litigation support
  • Tax Planning and Tax Advisory