Training on Tax Amnesty Scheme

Tax Amnesty Training Overview

In order to increase the tax net of the country the Federal Government has announced “Tax Amnesty Scheme” people with undeclared Income & Assets can avail this scheme and become filer after declaring their local and foreign assets before June, 30, 2019.

The objective of this workshop is to address the various queries being raised by the people from different sectors and educate them about this new amnesty scheme and changes made in the Income Tax Ordinance , 2001.

Course Outline/ Topics Covered | Asset Declaration Ordinance

    • Declaration of Local and Foreign Assets (Movable & Immovable)
    • Declaration of undisclosed sales
    • Declaration of undisclosed expenditures
    • Declaration of benami assets
    • Drop out any pending proceedings
    • Tax rates and value of assets
    • Virtual Tour of Amnesty Forms
    • Default Surcharge and conditions for declaration
    • Implications of Amnesty Scheme after the deadline
    • Benami Transactions Ordinance and Rules
    • Case studies, examples, scenarios, exercises, assessments