Tax Return Filing Services in Gujrat

BeSpoke Consulting is one of the experienced tax consultants in Gujrat and team of professionals expert in Income Tax Consultancy services in Gujrat Pakistan offers Tax Return Filing Services in Gujrat, Pakistan. We have the expertise and experienced tax advisors with technical knowledge and industry experience in handling all kinds of Income Tax matters both for individuals taxpayers and corporate clients.

As a responsible resident of Gujrat, you might be looking for an expert Income Tax Consultant in Gujrat. If so, let us guide and provide you with best income tax filing in Gujrat.

Income Tax Consultant in Gujrat

There are many people offering tax services in different areas of the city. Are you looking for tax services provider in Gujrat? It is not difficult to find an Income Tax Consultant in Gujrat. We are also offering income tax return filing services at a low cost. Please call us now if you are thinking of filing income tax returns in Gujrat.

BeSpoke Consulting’s tax services range from tax planning, monthly/ quarterly tax compliance, tax registration, (income tax, sales tax, WEBOC) expert Income Tax e-filing (FBR Web Portal) solutions to post-filing assistance to taxpayers like appeal filing, responding to FBR notices, handling day to day tax issues, scrutiny and year-round tax consultation.

Income Tax Filing in Gujrat

Importance of tax returns now a days are very important that were never before. Tax legislation are very complex with emergence of new regulations in country and in international market. At this point of time the need of a tax consultant with knowledge and skills to deal with complex regulations increased.

Corporate Taxation Services

  • Preparation and filing of annual and periodical tax return
  • Withholding tax management and related compliance
  • Managing post return correspondence with and representation before tax assessment authorities
  • Obtaining certificates of tax exemption & special tax rates, where applicable
  • Representation in appellate and reference before tax appellate authorities, courts and tax settlement commission
  • Representation before the central Board of Revenue for involving its jurisdiction for administrative ruling and certification on taxation issues
  • Tax Due Diligence Reviews
  • Personal Taxation Services
  • General Sales Tax (GST) – Planning Consultation, Compliance and Reporting services

Our Tax Consultancy Services

Our Team provides taxation services to very wide range of corporate and private clients and our services include the following:

  • Income Tax Return Filing for Individuals and corporates
  • Tax planning services
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns pertaining to income tax of corporate clients
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns pertaining to income tax of individuals, association of persons, trusts, registered firms and not for profit organizations
  • Tax consultancy for CPEC projects and CPEC projects registrations
  • Preparation and filing of wealth statements of individuals along with reconciliation and tax planning
  • Attending hearings and assisting clients in preparation of information and explanation for submission to the tax authorities and dealing with matters leading up to finalization of assessment
  • Filing and dealing with appeals before the appropriate tax authorities
  • Advising clients on tax planning and on specific tax problems
  • Conducting tax audits to ensure the compliance of provisions of tax laws
  • Appointed by Federal board of Revenue to conduct tax audits
  • Obtaining tax exemption certificates
  • Obtaining tax refunds
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Filing of annual returns as per Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
  • Filing of Withholding Tax Statements as required under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.
  • provide information to new clients, how to become tax filer in Pakistan
  • National Tax Number Registration (NTN Number Registration)
  • Tax advisory for CPEC Projects
  • Filing of appeals before Income Tax authorities / Tribunals.
  • Presentation before Income Tax authorities for case hearings.
  • Income Tax Exemptions certificate documentation
  • Income Tax appeals matters
  • Income tax refunds documentation
  • Day to Day Tax Compliance / Advance Tax Calculations
  • Managing tax liability risks
  • Updates in Tax Policy
  • Tax Investigations
  • In time submission of tax returns

Our consultants/ tax advisors are equipped with knowledge and practical exposure of new regulations and policies.

Document Checklist for Income Tax Return Filing

Important documents that one must have while Filing Income Tax returns are as follows:

  • Salary slips issued by the employer (in case of a salaried person)
  • Tax deduction certificate from the employer (in case of a salaried person)
  • Detail of Income earned from all sources (Business Income, income from property, capital gains and other sources)
  • Tax paid/ deduction evidence (all deductions) and bank statements
  • Detail of assets, liabilities, personal expenses and wealth reconciliation (Individual taxpayer)
  • Financial Statements in case of Businesses (whether individual/ corporate)
  • Additional documents depending on return’s complexity

Our approach in Income Tax Return Filing

Our approach in Income Tax Return filing services is systematic and we use latest tools. Our team of professionals use Forensic Approach in Income Tax Return Filing Services and analyze the data both critically and logically to reach meaningful results. We not only provide Income Tax Return filing services but also advise clients on key tax issues and complex tax matters in Pakistan.

We provides timely updates and guidance to our clients regarding Income Tax related changes / issues / SROs. Income Tax Return filing is mandatory for individuals (there are certain provisions where individuals are exempt from filing of income tax returns) and all registered corporations in Pakistan.