Why does your Business need a new Website?

Why does your Business need a new Website?

A business case for Promotional Suppliers to invest on the internet in the face of rising costs and competition.

Why does your Business need a new Website? | Website is your Office Assistant

Cut back office costs in half

  • Good websites are business tools that liberate your business
    • Costs: Automate costly jobs or digitize and outsource – Cut operating costs by up to 50%
    • Inefficiency: speedup routine processes, make them more reliable – improve service levels by 50%
    • Resource limitations: Put your marketing in action without worrying about having the resources.
  • Before you look for new customers, ensure you are ready to serve them better

Why does your Business need a new Website? | Your website is your back office

  • Your website development can play many parts:
    • An instant accounts assistant that Process Orders
    • A 24/7 customer services manager that answers customer queries
    • A smart store keeper that maintains and optimizes inventory levels
    • A marketing manager that can take your mailing, catalog and promotional campaigns to market within hours
    • A savvy studio manager that gets your production art and orders processed at half your costs

Locks in your distributors – Website

  • How much of your distributors sales are you winning?
  • Your site can help you win all your distributors sales by giving them everything they need:
  • Rapid real time solutions to their customer’s needs
  • Tools to sell, serve and collect at low or no cost
  • Information to compare and see why your offering makes most sense order by order
  • Help to do all his support work so all he has to do is sell
  • A good website locks in your distributors by making it easy and effective to do business with you

Where your website resides?

  • 50% of all orders today start on the web
  • 25% of all orders today are placed on the web
  • You distribute 50000 catalogs. There are 500000 buyers.
  • Your product isn’t the differentiator – your price, service and speed is.

Website pays for itself…..and makes you money

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