Best Retail Store Software in Pakistan

Best Retail Store Software in Pakistan

Retail Business Management System

Our Business Management System/ Retail application suite provides an efficient & effective deployment methodology giving you the power to choose retail tools relevant to your business needs. Point of sale, Inventory control systems (Warehouse systems), Business Reporting, Finance & Accounting, Payroll and HR, designed perfectly for your retail business. These features makes our retail store application the Best Retail Store Software in Pakistan.

Centralized Data Model

Centralized data model allows you to access your data anywhere in the world. Central communication ensures integrity of all your data, system up gradation without installation hassle and lock down critical preferences across stores while still allowing locations to modify their key details.

Data Centric model Software and Infrastructure as Service

Our Retail application is full centralized command and control system. Through latest technology with power of internet and mobile phones, it gives business owners full access to see the stats of their business at any level, either its sale and profitability of an individual item or stock of their warehouse, it is all in the hand of business owners and managers.

Target Business

Our Retail application best fit for all ty p e s o f modern Retailers, Apparels, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Delis, Warehouses, and Pharmacies. Its integrated design making it flexible to work independent of any software, hardware or premises.

IT Administration Neutral

Our Retail software is designed to harness the power of leading IT industry standards without the need of any IT & System Administration across stores giving you the technology edge that best fits your environment and budget

Real-Time Communication

The  Retail store application  real-time communications keep your retail systems up-to-date with the access to the right data and it is all live. Imagine, you have real time access to your business and everything is just single click away. System also keeps your informed through smartly formatted reports sent them vi a emails, you can configure for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Benefits of Data Centric System

This application uses cloud service technology to give you real time access to your data whenever and wherever you are. Your computer, laptop, mobile devices and Point of sale machines are all connected to cloud however Point of sale has an additional advantage to work seamlessly offline in case there is no internet connection. System takes care of connectivity by itself.



→ Empower cashiers and store staff to retail beyond the cash wrap with full POS functionality on any mobile or desktop device

→ Provide an easy and quick way to make scan item, collect payments

→ Provide more personalized experience by accessing customer purchase history & information from anywhere in the store

→ Reduce wait and transaction times with intuitive workflows and touch menus

→ Perform quick price checks & stock inquiries without creating new sales receipts

→ Easy access to POS features through touch buttons.

→ Quick and secure way to sales returns, item replacement a single receipt. Eliminating unnecessary transactions thus increasing efficiency and decreasing wait time.

→ Track key customer data, including customer reward points, sales, purchases, discounts, promotions.

→ Integrated loyalty module to promote your brand and attract customers


→ This helps you to:

o Maintain inventory in store and warehouse

o Simplify ordering and inter-store transfer process

o Quickly access to sale, purchase and ordering data

→ Efficiently track item sale data, inventory losses, item wise stock performance, zero or low stock items, non-moving items.

→ Every transaction is recorded with login Id so it is easily to track cashier performance, price changes record, ordering inventory records.

→ Centrally maintains user credentials of all users in POS, RMS, BI, Finance and Accounts. Quickly change password, assign roles or revoke rights


→ Scale effortlessly, easily adding & managing new locations/Stores anywhere in the world. No additional efforts of purchasing server, network or hiring technical resource.

→ At any time add any combination of stores, you may run your owned stores in combination with franchises, store-in-store, single store without boundary (cash tills have no boundary), kiosks, online stores to your enterprise and manage it all from a single, integrated system.

→ Easily sell goods stocked in different stores from any site and have them shipped anywhere with boundary less cash tills.

→ Easily share information across brands, franchise, and partners (vendors). Support integration or EDI with different vendors systems include oracle and SAP.

→ Create central orders for multiple stores or warehouse, or create store/warehouse orders

→ Connect warehouse to multiple unlimited stores.

→ Full warehouse support; order consolidation Easy to use picking, allocation and dispatching support in


→ Advance hardware support, finger scanning with tablets. Support of PDTs for mobile picking in store and warehouse through our state of the art inventory mobile app.

→ High performance inventory app for LIVE scanning thus reducing time for stock take and order picking.

Retail Business Management System

We provide professionally designed state of the art cloud based solutions and tools for retail business ranging from designing strategies to providing training to employees and managers. We provide a retail management system; which is more productive and cost effective than in any other system in the world. We provides complete retail solution including Warehouse Management, Inventory management, Accounting, Supply Chain, Production, Material Planning, HR and to name a few.

What we do

We understand that each client’s needs are unique. For this reason, while we keep an eye on the Industries best practices but we come up with tailor made solutions for your unique problems. We help align your people strategies to business strategies. Thus People, Culture, Systems and Processes derive benefit of a One System approach and mindset.

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