Business Community and Corona Virus

Business Community and Corona Virus

Due to the present situation most of us from the business community are now very well aware of what is coming up and in response to that nearly every one is working on planing strategies for their future business models.

Due to this situation people will definitely come up with new ideas in different fields and many opportunities will knock the doors.

My personal opinion, Pakistan market will not suffer that much as USA and Europe because most of their consumer market is relying on imports.

As for Pakistan is concerned we have sufficient local market and we have the capability to setup projects to cater for the supply of goods related essential sectors where we are strong.

Pakistan is agriculture based country with very fertile land. There is a large potential of  improving and increasing our agriculture growth. Food processing and packaging industry is another potential sector which has lot of space for improvement. This can cater for local market and can generate revenue by exports specially to middle east countries.

Another sector which definitely can generate local and foreign revenue for Pakistan is our pharma industry which needs improvement in research work and  quality.

Next important sector is Textile industry which has very big local and international market. This require incentives from the Govt to export and generate foreign revenue.

Construction industry  is another big sector. Nearly 100% raw material is locally available, needs improvement in fine finishes and control of price to compete. Beside local market our material can be exported.

It’s a good idea to share our thoughts for discussion with each other and come out with solutions to implement. I request group admin of Executive Muslim Forum to let us know how we can share and discuss that the link of the discussion is not interrupted by other topics beside business development. Thanks

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