How Do I Become a Tax Filer in Pakistan?

How Do I Become a Tax Filer in Pakistan?

How Do I Become a Tax Filer in Pakistan is a common question in every resident who is required to file income tax return in Pakistan? The tax filing process including NTN registration in Pakistan is easy and swift with BeSpoke Consulting.

You can simply sign in to start filing you income tax by answering easy questions. If you are looking for a tax accountant before you start, call us for free consultation on your tax affairs.

Let’s follows the process by answering some important questions:

Who should file a Tax Return?

Under Pakistan’s law tax law, all residents, individuals and businesses with an annual income of Rs. 400,000 and above are required to file their tax returns annually.

Once you have filed your return before the deadline announced by the FBR – Federal Bureau of Revenue, your name will be added in Active Payers List, commonly known as the Active Taxpayer List (ATL).

ATL allows you to avail the benefits of paying lower taxes on financial transactions such as bank transactions, sale or purchase of vehicle and property, etc.

Salaried individuals whose tax is deducted at source do not automatically assume the filer status. You can only become a filer when you file your tax return.

How can I get NTN number in Pakistan?

NTN – National Tax Number is a unique identity number allotted to all individuals, and businesses for tax purposes. Register yourself on FBR’s website to get NTN.

How do I submit a tax Return?

Once you have registered your NTN with FBR, then you have to collect all your date concerning your income (from all sources) and tax deducted / paid thereon and detail of all your assets & liabilities (required to file Wealth Statement under section 116 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

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