Offence of money laundering

Offence of Money Laundering

A person shall be guilty of offence of money laundering, if the person:—

(a)      acquires,   converts,   possesses,   uses   or   transfers   property, knowing  or  having  reason  to  believe  that  such  property  is proceeds of crime;

(b)      conceals   or   disguises   the   true   nature,   origin,   location, disposition, movement or ownership of property, knowing or
having reason to believe that such property is proceeds of crime;

(c)      holds or possesses on behalf of any other person any property knowing  or  having  reason  to  believe  that  such  property  is proceeds of crime; or

(d)       participates in, associates, conspires to commit, attempts to commit, aids, abets, facilitates, or counsels the commission of the acts specified in clauses (a), (b) and (c).

Explanation-I.— The knowledge, intent or purpose required as an element of an offence set forth in this section may be inferred from factual  circumstances  in  accordance  with  the  Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, 1984 (P.O. 10 of 1984).

Explanation II.- For the purposes of proving an offence under this section, the conviction of an accused for the respective predicate offence shall not be required.

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