Pasha Membership


Pasha Membership

BeSpoke Consuting offers Pasha Membership Services in Lahore Pakistan, a registered association for the IT industry in Pakistan.

For IT Industry in Pakistan multiple certifications validate skills and expertise in the field of work where competition for innovation, creativity, and quality continue to increase. These third-party evaluations / memberships / associations allow clients to feel assured and optimistic about the top tier quality of work being delivered.

What is P@sha?

P@SHA/PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITeS) (1992–Present) is a functional trade body and registered association for the IT industry in Pakistan, primarily to promote and develop the software and services industry in Pakistan and to protect the rights of its members.

P@SHA is the sole non-profit organization that helps the IT industry in Pakistan be heard in the global arena. P@SHA is funded by its member companies, and organizes activities that promote the image and achievements of the industry. It works with the Government of Pakistan to develop IT friendly Environment in Pakistan. P@SHA won several Asia Pacific ICT awards and is a body which conducts ICT award in Pakistan.

Google, with the collaboration of P@SHA, created a social Innovation Fund to fund technological innovation in Pakistan.

What kinds of Memerships does P@SHA Offer?

Associate Member

  • Companies with an annual turnover less than PKR 50 MILLION
  • Registration Fee: PKR 5,000 (One-time Payment)Annual Fee: PKR 20,000

Corporate Member

  • Companies with an annual turnover of PKR 50 MILLION or above
  • Registration Fee: PKR 5,000 (One-time Payment)Annual Fee: PKR 50,000

Process Duration

Regular Processing

  • 10 – 14 Working Days (provided all requirements are fulfilled)

Urgent Processing

  • 02 Working Days (provided all requirements are fulfilled)
  • Please note that in case of urgent processing, an additional fee of RKR 5,000 will be charged.

Who Can Become a P@SHA Member?

To become a P@SHA member you must be:

  • a business concern engaged in software development, information technology services and information technology-enabled services and/or
  • a company that has IT or ITeS as their primary business (IT revenue of more than 60%) with
  • a registered place of business in Pakistan

P@sha Membership FAQ

How Long Is The Membership For?

A P@SHA membership is granted for one (01) year and expires on March 31st of each year, irrespective of the date the membership was originally granted.

Can A Company Have More Than One Membership?

One membership represents one company. No individual firm or company is allowed to hold more than one membership.However, a parent company can get its sister company/ies or child company/ies registered separately as P@SHA members.

Can A Membership Be Transferred?

No, membership cannot be transferred to anyone else. However, if the member undergoes a change in legal status or name, a request can be submitted to incorporate this change in their membership.

What Is The Difference In Benefits For Corporate & Associate Members?

None! The two categories exist to allow representation from both small as well as large companies, to ensure your P@SHA membership is something you can continue to grow with at each step of your company’s journey.

Other Affiliations/ Registrations

Registrations / Evaluations / Memberships / Associations required by IT Industry

Pakistan Software House Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) is a functional trade body and registered association for the IT industry in Pakistan.
Pakistan’s Software Export Board (PSEB) is a government body mandated to promote Pakistan’s IT Industry in local and international markets.
Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) serves and represents the interests of the business community in Lahore, Pakistan.
iOS allows us to publish applications on the Apple store that meet their standards and specific requirements.
Publishing partners with android and post various applications on the Google Play Store.
ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS).
Initiatives by P@sha
  • Policy Advocacy
  • ICT Awards
  • NEST I/O
  • ProWomen
  • Events / CXO Meetups
  • P@SHA Freelancer Community

Requirements for P@sha Membership?

Find out more on what is required for P@sha Membership?

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