Penalties in Sales Tax Act 1990

Penalties in Sales Tax Act 1990

Penalties in Sales Tax Act 1990 via Section 33: At Serial No. 25 of Section 33 of the Act, penalty has been prescribed for such person who fails to integrate his business for the purpose of monitoring, tracking reporting or recording of sales, production with Board’s Computerized System as provided at Section 3(9A) and 40C of the Act.

The Amendment Ordinance has removed reference to Section 3(9A) at Serial No. 25 of Section 33 considering the fact that said provision has nothing to do with any such requirement as provided under the existent law.

Through another amendment at Ordinance, Serial No. 25A has been inserted at Section 33 of the Act which deals in imposition of multiple penalties for Tier-1 Retailer who either fails to obtain registration with FBR or integrate his business as stipulated under sub-section (9A) of Section 3.

The aforesaid insertion has removed anomalous position which otherwise was wrongly being invoked in past by field formation.

Certain amendments through third amendment ordinance and this Ordinance shall be called the Tax Laws (Third Amendment) Ordinance, 2021.

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