Retirement Plan for Private Sector Employees

Retirement Plan for Private Sector Employees

The retirement plan for Private Sector Employees cease to exist due in modern era. So the private sector employees seek out investment opportunities which later act as pension plan for them.

I read this book recently “Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kioski” and it gave me insights on how our lives are in vicious circle of earning and spending.

The book advocates the importance of financial know-how, financial independence and increasing wealth through investing in assets, real estate, starting new businesses, as well as increasing one’s financial understanding to improve one’s business and financial aptitude.

This blog discusses the retirement plan for private employees in Pakistan. Professionals working in private does not enjoy the benefits enjoyed by Government Employees like pension, medical and other facilities.

As Insurance Adviser at State Life Insurance Corporation Pakistan I am willing to share some great plans regarding, Saving, Investment, Children Education & Marriage, Retirement and Cash Asset for family.

State Life is the financial institution and Insurance Corporation by Federal Government of Pakistan. We have more than 25 plans for you and for your dependents with highest promising returns since 1972.

Investing Wisely in Pakistan

We help professionals to make sound investment decisions that make their retirement life worth living in relaxed environment.

Save enough for a comfortable retirement

Saving for comfortable retirement is attained by By identifying the needs at the time of retirement, detailed analysis of assets and sources of income, critically reviewing the estimated shortfalls, and identifying the best ways to cost control in order to save for retirement keeping in view your your financial position and risk tolerance.

Pay for your child’s higher Education

Paying for your child’s higher education isn’t easy task you can save money by estimating the amount of money needed for higher education, a detailed analysis of your assets, reviewing inflatable expenses and considering alternatives and strategies to help address these potential shortfalls, and developing an optimal savings plan given your financial position and risk tolerance.

Or take an insurance plan covering your child’s education plan.

Protect your family in case of you become disabled

By ensuring you have enough money in your emergency fund and analyzing your life, disability, health, home, and auto insurance coverage. We also review your will and various powers of attorney designed to take care of your affairs in the event you are incapacitated and can’t manage them yourself.

If you are sole bread-winner then you should have yourself insured in every possible way be it disability, health or life as an insured bread-winner can mitigate associated risks.

Achieve your investment goals

By identifying the steps needed to maximize your investment returns as well as the steps needed to help minimize your risk while building increased predictability of your investment returns.

Invest in property, shares, insurance schemes to achieve investment goals through various sources.

We at State Life make sure that your child’s future as well as your spouse’s future are secured with State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan through Saving, Investment, Children Education & Marriage, Retirement and Cash Asset for family.

Call today at +92 321 8408828 to know insurance plans matching your life-goals.

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