Section 114A Personal Profile

Section 114A Personal Profile

Section 114A Personal Profile: Following persons are required to furnish the tax profile in the prescribed form along with relevant annexures, statements or documents:

  • Every person applying for registration under section 181;
  • Every person deriving income under the head “Income from Business”  Every person whose income is subject to final taxation
  • Any Non-Profit organization as per Clause(36) of section 2
  • Any trust or welfare institution
  • Any other person prescribed by the board

Particulars Required:

 Bank Accounts







Closing Date /
Disposal Date


% Share

Utility Connections

Reference /

Type     Form     Tariff     Consumer /



Disconnection Date

 Business Premises including all manufacturing, storage or retail outlets operated or leased
by the taxpayer.

 Type of business

 Personal Details (Same as Form 181 and these are unable to edit)  Principal Officers

 Directors

 Legal Representative

 Employer Detail (in case of salaried individual)

Deadline for furnishing the aforesaid profile is as follows:

 In case of a person registered before 30 September, 2020 – on or before 31 December, 2020

 In case of a person not registered before 30 September, 2020 – within ninety days of       registration.

Penalties of Non-furnishing of such profile:

 PKR 2,500 for each day of default, subject to minimum penalty of PKR 10,000 in case of
non-furnishing of such profile.

 Non-furnishing further may lead to non-inclusion of the name of the taxpayer in the ATL.

Payment of surcharge for inclusion of name in ATL subject to filing of profile after due date:

 PKR 20,000 in case of company;

 PKR 10,000 in case of an association of persons; and  PKR 1,000 in case of an individual.

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