Corporate Food Style – Waist Reduction at Work

Corporate food style – Waist reduction at work

It has been always about what you wear and how you behave in a corporate life work style, but less emphasis is been made in what you eat and drink in your corporate environment which triggers your energy, mood , focus and analytical levels. Corporate Food Style does have positive impact on your dealings and overall performance.

Its part of personal lifestyle but here is how I find it more energizing while at work and adopting Corporate Food Style: –

Your desired Corporate Food Style

1. Fruit and Vegetables. 2 servings (May make a salad mix with yoghurt and use daily)

2. A favorite (piece) of chocolate with small cup of cereal

3. Peanut butter sandwich 1 serving

4. Nuts and seeds. 1 serving

5. Coffee and Tea/Green tea . 2 servings preferably without sugar

6. Probiotics : Milk and Yogurt 2 servings

7. Daily protein meal. Fish , beef , mutton or chicken 1 Serving

These serve up to 9 intake breaks which keep your energy levels in the flow as well as keep your concentration focused rather getting distracted due to hungry/craving stomach.

The above is a list of what should be.

Corporate food Style – not recommended

High sugar and fat content snacks ,biscuits (Excluding full grain sugar free biscuits), chips, chocolates ,fizzy/cold drinks. Too much smoking. Grocery buyouts of anything you can eat which may not support the sedentary lifestyle at work, which may make you sluggish, drains energy and makes you lazy at your performance at work.

To motivate yourself for the change, select ones you like most and try to make them at home for a thing to look forward to.

The above meals will make your waist loose up to 1- 2 inches in a month as well and also boost your mood and confidence.

Some might think it may increase their waist, but it is a good combination of all food groups in broken proportions all over the work timings.

Eating right is a good habit and it takes time to flourish .You are what you eat. Start by doing little changes and it would make good returns in the long run.

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