Inhouse Training in Pakistan

Inhouse Training in Pakistan : Best Practices

Choosing option of running an inhouse training in Pakistan or going for public course/ open-house course in Pakistan is a tough call to make for a Training Manager.

Do Organizations Need training

  • The answer is “YES”
  • However, we must know the purpose and functions of training before we can use it.

Here is the in-house training cycle:

Understanding Requirements | Inhouse Training in Pakistan

Meeting the HR Team and knowing the requirements is the favorite part of what I because the in-house training cycle kicks-off from here.

The training objectives discussed and input is recorded from the perspective of management.

This meeting enables us to understand the root cause of training need and corporate culture associated with it.

The GAP Concept / Meeting the RIGHT person

Upon collection of initial requirements and information the stage it set to meet the Functional Manager in order to get technical details and objective for the training.

Another purpose of this meeting is to narrow down the key areas to be center of attention and the manager wants to develop his/ her team in the training course.

We need to develop programs to fill the gaps.

Assessment before Training

Pre-assessments is the key driver for course success and in getting results from the training program.

Pre-assessment is normally based on the initial meetings with the HR team after which we create the assessments and the participants fill them before the training starts.

Post Training Assessment

Participants are given a post training assessment to measure their level of knowledge after the training. In few courses we also gives refresher course after a considerable time to refresh the key topics/ gaps.

Evaluating the Training

Three Levels of Evaluation

  • Immediate Feedback: Survey or interview directly after training
  • Post-Training Test: Trainee applying learned tasks in workplace?
  • Post-Training Appraisals: Immediate supervisors of trainees conduct surveys

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