How to pay taxes through ADC

How to pay taxes through ADC

How to pay taxes through ADC (Alternative Delivery Channel) – Tax Payment through Internet / ATM / Mobile

Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) payment mode facilitates taxpayers to make payment directly from any commercial bank account through advanced methods, such as:

  • Internet Banking Websites
  • ATM
  • Mobile Banking
  • Call center facilities

The mentioned options shall bring efficiency and convenience for taxpayers and improve the ease for tax compliance and tax collections.

Benefits of using internet based FBR tax collections through ADC:

  • Easier, modern, user friendly method for tax payments of FBR.
  • Efficient and fast tax collection deposits and settlements in Government A/c.
  • Reduce & eliminate incidences of errors and delays.
  • No more Physical Visits to Bank for this purpose.

How to pay taxes through ADC:

Following are the steps to use ADC:

Step 1. Taxpayer logs on the FBR system [1] and prepares the PSID of any of following tax type with ADC payment mode:

  • Sales Tax
  • Federal Excise
  • Income Tax
  • Income Tax Annual Return
  • Sales Tax Withheld
  • Tax on Immovable Property
    Note: Modification in PSID for ADC Payment is not allowed. It is declared final and confirmed on creation.

Step 2. Note down the PSID number on completion of Payment for further processing.

Step 3. The Taxpayer shall login to the online banking system of his/her bank through computer or mobile phone or visit ATM facility. The bill payment screen of the bank shall reflect “FBR” as biller. The taxpayer shall click the option “FBR”. The bank / ATM screen shall require the taxpayer to enter PSID generated by FBR system. The screen will appear for making payments to FBR.

Step 4. By entering PSID, the payment details shall be visible to the taxpayer for approval of the payment of taxes. Upon confirmation, the bank account of taxpayer shall be debited and a message of successful transaction shall be visible on the screen.

Step 5. The payment will be provisionally authorized after confirmation from taxpayer.

Step 6. Within 03 hours of confirmation, the payment will be marked as “Paid“. A CPR (Computerized Payment Receipt) will be provided to the taxpayer through e-mail and confirmation SMS message is also sent on given mobile number. At the same time CPR is available to Iris system for further use on Tax Declarations.

Step 7. Now taxpayer can utilize this CPR in their declaration in Iris system.

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