Tax Return by non-resident Pakistanis

Tax Return by non-resident Pakistanis

Return of Income filed voluntarily by non-resident Pakistan-origin person having no Pakistan-source income is filed using the simple form issued by FBR. Non residents are not required to file wealth statement and should only file Return u/s 114 of the Income tax Ordinance, 2001.

As we already explained Filing of Income Tax Return by Non-Residents in our blog.

A non-resident should only file relevant tax deductions during the year.

  • Adjustable Tax
  • Cash Withdrawal from Bank u/s 231A
  • Certain Banking Transactions u/s 231AA
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Fee u/s 231B(1)
  • Motor Vehicle Transfer Fee u/s 231B(2)
  • Motor Vehicle Sale u/s 231B(3)
  • Electricity Bill of Domestic Consumer u/s 235A
  • Telephone Bill u/s 236(1)(a)
  • Cellphone Bill u/s 236(1)(a)
  • Prepaid Telephone Card u/s 236(1)(b)
  • Phone Unit u/s 236(1)(c)
  • Internet Bill u/s 236(1)(d)
  • Prepaid Internet Card u/s 236(1)(e)
  • Purchase by Auction u/s 236A
  • Domestic Air Ticket Charges u/s 236B
  • Functions / Gatherings Charges u/s 236D
  • Educational Institution Fee u/s 236I
  • Purchase / Transfer of Immovable Property u/s 236K
  • Purchase of International Air Ticket u/s 236L
  • Banking transactions otherwise than through cash u/s 236P
  • Education related expenses remitted abroad u/s 236R
  • Withholding Income Tax
  • Refundable Income Tax

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