How to Register in Pakistan Single Window

How to Register in Pakistan Single Window

How to Register in Pakistan Single Window: Pakistan Single Window which provides a facility to parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transliterated regulatory requirements. If information is electronic, then individual data elements should only be submitted once.

PSW Registration Procedure – Step By Step

You are here, which means you are interested in the PSW registration process and you will definitely get this article helpful to fnd the answer, How To Register In PSW (Pakistan Single Window)?

Let’s initiate the PSW Registration process, frst, we have to visit PSW’s Website (

Step 1

On PSW’s website, you can clearly see two buttons Login and Subscribe. Simply click on the ‘Subscribe’ button.

In the next step, this system share terms and conditions for access to PSW.

Carefully read all terms and condition and click the check box I agree to the terms & conditions and after that click the ‘proceed’ button.

Step 3

The system will take you to the next step, where you have to type ‘NTN Number’ and press the ‘Validate’ button.

The system will fetch all your data from FBR’s Database against’ your provided ‘NTN No’.

Step 4

Now we will type ‘CNIC Number’ and ‘Mobile Number’ then click on Generate Voucher.

Step 5

The system will generate ‘Payment Slip ID (PSID)’ number and Application ID.

Email of Rs.500/- Voucher

SMS of Rs.500/- Voucher

How to Pay PSW’s Rs.500 Payment subscription fee Voucher

You can pay PSW’s Payment subscription fee of Rs.500 voucher online using ATM, Internet Banking, Over the Counter (OTC), or any other electronic mode approved by the State Bank of Pakistan.

We paid the PSW subscription fee using our summit bank’s internet banking.

Payments & Transfer:

-Bill Payment

Payment Category:


Payment Company:


Type full PSID no. in consumer number textbox.

Press the Fetch Bill button & pay this bill.

Step 6

After payment, the system will update your ‘Payment Status’, and your application status changed to Paid.

Now simply click the process button to go next step.

Step 7

Now you are on an information authentication page, where you will verify your mobile number and email address.

Click on the ‘Send OTP’ button, this PSW system will send two OTP codes, one to your mobile number and one to your email address.

Mobile OTP Code

Email OTP Code

Code receive through mobile SMS so type that code on the ‘Mobile OTP’ textbox.

Code received in email, type in ‘Email OTP’ textbox, and simply press Submit button.

PSW Biometric Verifcation

After which, the system will show you the ‘Biometric Verifcation’ page.

Biometric verifcation is mandatory to complete the subscription. Please visit your nearest NADRA E Saulat Center.

We performed biometric verifcation at Nadra-E-Sahulat Shop near our offce, go there and said we want to biometric verifcation for PSW (Pakistan Single Window).

They Charged Rs.200/- Fee for biometric verifcation.

This will take few hours to update your biometric verifcation status, as soon as your status verifed the proceed button enables.

Congratulation! Your subscription has been completed.

Link to create password has been sent on registered email.

You will receive an email in which you can fnd a link, using that link you will create a password for your PSW Account.


Login in PSW using your ID and password, You will see the registration button, click that button.

If you are a trader so click on ‘Trader’ and if you are a customs clearing agent so click on ‘Customs Agent’.

Select Business Name, Business Address, and User Sub Type as Commercial.

Upload Documents (i.e NTN Verifcation in PDF Format).

After which, press the ‘Submit’ button.

How To Register in PSW (Pakistan Single Window) as a Customs Clearing Agent

Select Business Name, Business Address.

Type Parent Collectorate Code then License Number.

For Example:


Parent Collector:

FCUS: Faisalabad Customs GCUS: Gawadar

HCUS: Hyderabad Customs

KCUS: Karachi Customs

LCUS: Lahore Customs
MCUS: Multan Customs
PCUS: Peshawar Customs
QCUS: Quetta Customs

RSST: Gilgit – Baltistan Customs SCUS: Sialkot All Customs

Upload Documents (i.e NTN Verifcation in PDF Format).

After which, press the ‘Submit’ button.

For more information on FBR’s new regulations / circulars/ SROs/ amendments in taxation laws in Pakistan please visit

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