Pakistan Single Window Registration

Pakistan Single Window Registration

Pakistan Single Window Registration made compulsory and is operational from 10 August 2021 where 76+ Departments are being connected to One Online System for Cost Saving & Ease of Doing Business and Import-Export Documents will lead to Profit Increase.

If you need to register yourself in order to access the new PSW System contact us and our Representative will contact you for registration.

Cost for Registration

  • Public Listed/Unlisted – Rs.50,000
  • Private Limited – Rs.35,000
  • Partnership – Rs25,000
  • Sole Proprietor/Clearing Agent – Rs15,000

Please feel free to contact any of the following for any of the matters.

Read our blog on How to Register in Pakistan Single Window: Pakistan Single Window which provides a facility to parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transliterated regulatory requirements. If information is electronic, then individual data elements should only be submitted once.

For more information on FBR’s new regulations / circulars/ SROs/ amendments in taxation laws in Pakistan please visit

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